Hello ! 

I am a Lush addict !


No really, I like the lush products, so when I go to a city where there is a lush shop... I can't resist !

And this happened few time ago, at the launching of the christmas collection ;)


So here is the lush haul :3

lush let the good times roll rudolphrudolph let the good times roll lush

Left is a fresh mask "Rudolph" made of cucumber and the little red stuff should be posed on our nose when we do the mask, but it felt down every time I move ! lol Seriously I'm deceived by this mask beause it is difficult to apply it ! I need to wet my face (a lot) for that it applies like "a cream", if not it creates little "balls" of products on the face and they fell down sometimes. I tried other masks from Lush which were really easier to apply. I put it off from fridge minimum 15 min before applying it but it changes nothing, it's really sad because the smell is good and I felt a positive effect on my skin. 

Right is my favorite face scrub !!! "Let the good times roll" I found it in St petersburg last year and was so afraid to can't find it in France, but it is ! I was so glad, the smell is amazing and the effect on skin is good. I dream that someone creates candies with the same smell/taste !

At the bottom a new solid shampoo with a strong coconut smell, and for the moment I'm satisfied !


I just noticed that Lush becomes more and more expensive... handmade, fresh, fairtrade, no animal testing, good values and involvement.

I guess it's the price for having good products at every level.


And my new face routine (which really happens 2 or 3 times per week) :

 "Pop corn" lips scrub + "Let the good times roll" face scrub 

pop corn gommage lush

Démoniaquement bon !


See you soon Lush addicts ;)